Reusable packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry – Three pieces of good news.

Are you looking for ways to save money, avoid waste and shrink your CO2 footprint? – well, who isn’t? No problem for eutecma’s PROTECT system packaging and ICECATCH© cool/warm elements because they can be easily reused multiple times. Our reusable system packaging is made of EPS and graphitized EPS – very aging-resistant materials. And the composite films used in our ICECATCH© elements are also very robust.
Since some of our customers are already reusing eutecma packaging for their inner-company transport needs and are satisfied with the results, we decided to intensify our focus on the subject of reusable packaging solutions in temperature-sensitive logistics.

The key question is: How can you tell if PROTECT system packaging and the ICECATCH© cool/warm elements can be reused? You can find precise answers in our new short video “Reusability Guidelines“ .

The first piece of good news: Provided a number of quality criteria are being met, you can reuse eutecma packaging units without any problems – and not only once or twice but multiple times. But what are the quality criteria?

> The sensitive points of our PROTECT packaging are edges, corners, surfaces and insert slots. As long as you can’t find any obvious breaks or cracks, you can reuse the boxes with no worries.
> Dents are no problems either – provided the spots do not exceed 10 percent of the entire surface area.
> This also hold true for scuffs or soiling on the outside of boxes. This does not compromise their reusability.
> Provided the ICECATCH© elements are not leaking, don’t weigh less than their target weights of 1,000 grams (ICECATCH© Solid Insulated) and 780 grams (ICECATCH© Solid Ambient) – and only less than 10 percent of the inside carrier substrate is defect, they are perfectly suited for reuse.

The second piece of good news: Even if one disqualifying criterion should occur in one of the products, you don’t have to replace the entire system but only the relevant element.

Let’s use a simple example and do the math: The result is a significant potential for savings. Let’s say a PROTECT XL Pallet box made of four frames is filled with ICECATCH© Solid Insulated cool bricks is shipped from an international pharmaceutical company in Germany to its subsidiary overseas. Upon arrival, the packaging unit is inspected and a frame element is deemed defective and exchanged for a new one. But all other parts are still good. The customer doesn’t need to throw away the entire box, nor buy a completely new one at 100 percent of the cost. They only dispose of the frame element and buy a new one for approx. 3 percent of the total cost.

And there’s a third bit of good news: The life cycle of our products doesn’t end with its exit from our customers’ supply chain. Because our customers’ customers can reuse our eutecma system packaging and ICECATCH© cool/ warm elements without any worries as long as the criteria listed above are met. This will boost the positive effect of reusable packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, lab diagnostics and biotechnology industries many times over – to the benefit of our environment and value creation.

How long can you reuse the eutecma system packaging and ICECATCH© elements? This new video will give you the precise answers.