Protect XL-Pallet Shipper: large volume cool box with multiple advantages


Euro pallets are essential to the logistics sector. In Europe, they are the cargo carriers of choice. So what could be more practical than to develop a large volume cool box, which:

provides a temperature stabile home for an entire Euro pallet
can be pre-loaded with product
is delivered compactly broken down for easy internal shipping and storage
can be quickly and easily assembled by one person
can be easily made taller thanks to its modular stacking frame
only needs to be filled with single type of cool brick format

Not possible? Oh yes it is: we are proud to present you with the new eutecma Protect XL-Pallet Shipper!

The new big sister of the Protect Pallet Shipper is designed to perfectly fit a Euro pallet. And together with dry ice for Frozen (<-20 C) as well as our Icecatch Solid Insulated cool bricks for Ambient (+15 C to +25 C) and Cool (+2 C to +8 C), they provide a temperature stabile home for up to 120 hours for an entire Euro pallet –without having to supply external energy.

Handling: It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Maintaining the specific cold chain is one of the outstanding features of all our Protect System Packaging. Extremely simple handling is another. Because the Protect XL-Pallet Shipper can be set up in a flash.

This is how it works: The forklift operator places a fully loaded pallet right onto the base plate with the guidance of the specially designed recesses. In the next step, a warehouse worker can then build the box to the height needed by using the stacking frame elements and then slips the required number of Icecatch© cool bricks into the specially designed slots in the frame, puts the lid on and sends the Protect XL-Pallet on its way.

Its modular design is extremely cost effective. Because you only cool the volume you need. And that sinks weight and cargo costs, which is especially important in airfreight traffic, where every kilogram counts.

And we’re not the only ones that are excited about the clever design of the Protect XL-Pallet Shipper. Launched in the summer of 2017, the newest member of our Protect System Packaging family is now our absolute bestseller. If you would like more information or a sales offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.