Portrait of Nicole Schäfer, Head of In-house Service

“People ask you, listen to your and praise you – it doesn’t get better than that! “

 Nicole Schäfer, Head of In-house Service at eutecma

We all have something that keeps us going and pushes us forward in life. With Nicole Schäfer, Head of In-house Service at eutecma, it is the challenge to build something up from scratch. Be it a distribution region for chemical lab supplies at a former employer, a log cabin by a lake or the In-house Service at eutecma. In 2008 Nicole Schäfer was one of the first employees to join us and today we are happy to have her on board.

To go down new paths has always hold a great appeal for the 44-year old. And that has not been limited to her passion for travelling that led her to all the four corners of the world. After finishing her training as a chemist at BASF and a career in the laboratory business as a key account manager, the Palatinate native felt the urge to venture a leap of faith into the manufacturing industry. And it was a perfect fit at a time when eutecma was an only recently established company with great ambitions.

Enjoy growth

”I get a great kick out of investing my energy and ideas into building up a project, a process or a company. If the company then grows, you win over customers and the market praises your product, it’s the most satisfying feeling ever”, says Schäfer. And, indeed, eutecma has grown by leaps and bounds. What in the old days used to be sold in one year, today rolls off the “assembly line” within a month.”

As Head of In-house Service Nicole Schäfer is responsible for a smooth operation internally and externally. Her area and that of her team is business and operative tasks. She, for example, coordinates orders with production planning and ensures that the raw materials and packaging needed are available. She aligns processes with the departments and keeps in touch with our customers. Even after now eleven years Nicole Schäfer still loves her work. “Working together at eutecma is simply the best. People ask you, listen to your and praise you. The products are exciting, there are a lot of innovations. It doesn’t get better than that!“

Image from Axel Heiter

Nicole Schäfer, Head of In-house Service at eutecma, expert for cold packaging and temperature-sensitive logistics.