LogiPharma 2019: And ACTION!

We have been working for quite a while now on the best way to create moving images of the obvious advantages of our PROTECT cool boxes and ICECATCH® cool/warm elements. Now we are proud to announce: the first of several eutecma films had its premiere at the LogiPharma 2019. (And you can see it here.)

The star of the show is: the PROTECT Euro Pallet Shipper by eutecma.
The 3-D video shows absolutely clearly just how quickly our high-tech box can be assembled (under 30 seconds) and filled with ICECATCH® cool bricks for Ambient(+15 °C to +25 °C) or Cool transports (+2 °C to +8 °C). In just 2.5 minutes!

One of the highlights of the film shows the modular design of the PROTECT Euro Pallet Shipper: depending on how much interior volume is needed, it can be expanded to three different heights.

See for yourself!