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  • 13. September 2021

    eutecma stays on track: Stable prices for our customers

    While prices for raw materials have been rising significantly – some even refer to polystyrene as the “new gold” – eutecma has been staying on track: Our prices for pharmaceutical cold chain packaging and cooling elements remain stable! A number of smart decisions at our end made it possible for current customers as well as future customers to benefit from this happy fact.

    First, we enjoy long-term contracts with reliable partners that cushion the effects of price increases. Second, we have managed to streamline production processes thanks to technical innovations. Third, we started building up very comfortable safety stocks at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This early stockpiling now lets us compensate for fluctuations. The result? Both easy and beautiful: stable prices, happy customers.

  • 10. September 2021

    eutecma in the trade magazine MBI Einkäufer im Markt

    “MBI Einkäufer im Markt” (translated “MBI Buyers in the Market”) is a well-respected trade publication reporting comprehensive coverage of all topics related to facilitating sourcing processes. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered logistical efforts of unprecedented scope and made information on temperature-controlled pharma packaging crucical for many sourcing professionals. This is why we are thrilled for our PROTECT modular packaging system to have been featured in the July issue of “MBI Einkäufer im Markt.”

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  • 23. February 2021

    Triple bonus for airfreight transports: PROTECT Vaccine Insulated Boxes

    When planning vaccine shipments by air, the modular PROTECT Insulated Box System from eutecma lands a perfect trifecta:

    Number one: The modular design of the box allows for a precise pack-out. Here, only the volume needed is packed in the Vaccine Insulated Box. There is no such thing as a half-empty box anymore!

    Number two: the PROTECT Vaccine Insulated Box is made of EPS/Styropor. This material is robust and extremely light. Which is a great benefit considering today’s high demand for airfreight. Because now, every kilo or liter you save counts.

    Number three: There is a special bonus that comes with Deep-Frozen-Transports (-70 °C), where we combine classic dry-ice with ICECATCH©-Frozen cool bricks. This cuts down on the amount of dry ice needed by up to 30 percent (!). That is a big plus, since the amount of dry ice you can transport on a plane is limited due to safety issues.

  • 19. February 2021

    The end of wasted space: modular insulated boxes optimize airfreight payload

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many planes are being grounded. There is a global shortage of airfreight capacity. Increased airfreight rates also impact “everyday business”, i.e. the temperature-driven transport of pharmaceuticals by air. And shipping Covid-19 vaccines chokes this bottleneck even more.

    Not an easy situation for you as a manufacturer and supplier. Let us help you organize the pack-out, the filling of the boxes, as efficiently as possible. The modular PROTECT Vaccine Insulated Boxes from eutecma can make this a reality. The result: No box will fly around the world half-empty anymore; no more waste of valuable freight space. Plus: You can cut down on costs significantly.

  • 12. January 2021

    PROTECT system packaging made of Styropor® Ccycled™

    We are taking another important step on the road to more sustainability: The proportion of Styropor® from chemical recycling in our PROTECT- system packaging portfolio is going to increase significantly in the first quarter of 2021. To make this happen, we are collaborating with BASF, whose Verbund site is virtually only a stone’s throw away from the eutecma headquarters in the Mannheim harbor.

    The magic word is ”Styropor® Ccycled™” and is a secondary feedstock made of pyrolysis oil, which is made from plastic waste in the chemical recycling process, converted for the chemical industry and allocated via a certified mass balance approach within the BASF Verbund system.

    PROTECT- system packaging Ambient / Cool / Frozen with Styropor® Ccycled™ go into series production
    We are going to start this project with a selection of PROTECT system packaging solutions that use Styropor® Ccycled™as feedstock. Our customers can still choose between pharmaceutical packaging made of conventional Styropor® or Styropor® from chemical recycling.

    Even though both materials possess the same properties and are of identically high quality, Styropor® Ccycled™has a better CO2 footprint. And so, the most important message to pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers is: The quality remains the same, a re-qualification of PROTECT system packaging with Styropor® Ccycled™is NOT NECESSARY.

    So for pharmaceuticals customers who place a premium on sustainability in their supply chain and who want to communicate that point in their communication with stakeholders, the following still holds true: eutecma is the optimal partner by your side.

  • 12. January 2021

    eutecma in the trade journal IPI International Pharmaceutical Industry

    The packaging industry has been given a unique historic opportunity to be put on the map for all the world to see – as a larger segment of the public takes an interest in our products as part of the Vaccine-Supply-Chain. What contribution eutecma could make to this major logistical feat was one of the questions asked by the trade journal IPI International Pharmaceutical Industry. For a digital version of the interview, click on this link:.

  • 17. November 2020

    PROTECT ½ Euro Pallet Shipper available now

    4 liters, 7.8 liters, 8.7 liters, 11 liters, 15 liters, 16 liters, 22 liters … 172 liters, 333 liters, 495 liters, 1,600 liters – these have been the various volumes of the PROTECT-System packaging family to date. Until now there has been a glaringly big gap between 22 and 172 liters. But those days are over because the PROTECT ½ Euro Pallet Shipper is available as of now (link to shop).

    In its “purest“ form, it brings a volume of 49 liters into the logistics route and can be easily expanded to 95 or 141 liters using our stacking frame system. The PROTECT ½ Euro Pallet Shipper shares this modular feature with other boxes in the PROTECT family. It is one of the most important aspects of the product’s DNA – just like the compatibility of all PROTECT boxes with eutecma’s ICECATCH® cool bricks.

    And that means: Not only the ICECATCH® Solid Ambient (+15 °C to +25 °C), but also the ICECATCH® Solid Insulated (+2 °C to +8 °C) and the ICECATCH® Solid Frozen (<–20 °C) can be slipped quickly and easily into the stacking slots – and that can happen after the PROTECT ½ Euro Pallet Shipper has been filled with product. Protected like this, it offers a reliable and temporary home for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and health care products for up to 120 hours.

    This smart design not only corresponds with the modular box design and the compatibility of box and cool bricks. The extremely sturdy shape of the box base makes it simply perfect: The L-shaped frame elements are built to stand solidly on their own. And that saves time and money because a single warehouse worker can put together the PROTECT ½ Euro Pallet Shipper – in less than 30 seconds!

  • 16. November 2020

    eutecma cool bricks are getting “greener“

    Oil is out, sugar cane waste is in

    Starting in January 2021 eutecma’s cool bricks are getting ”greener“ – more environmentally friendly that is – piece by piece. Starting then, the PA/PE composite film that encloses the cool bricks will be made of 50% “green polyethylene“. In contrast to conventional plastics made from oil or natural gas, this “green“ plastic is derived from renewable sources.

    This is positive news for all companies that put a premium value on sustainability in their supply chains and want to communicate this fact in a dialog with their stakeholders.

    Sugar cane waste material replaces oil

    But that alone is not the only benefit bio-plastics have to offer. Since growing sugar cane binds the natural carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it also helps cut down on greenhouse gases. Plus: The basic ingredient does not use pure sugar cane, which is a valuable food source, but only waste that is left over from production. And so it becomes obvious: “Green polyethylene“ does not displace food, but uses waste material in a smart way, which otherwise would have been disposed of as worthless. By the way, at the end of the product cycle this bio-based plastic can also be recycled.

    No re-qualification necessary!

    Since the beginning of 2020, we at eutecma have been looking closely at bio-based plastics and subjected them to a rigorous analysis. And now we know: “Green polyethylene“ can be used in the production of our cool bricks in the same way as the commonly used polyethylene. Stability, robustness, tensile strength and stress resistance are not compromised in any way. This new renewable resource does not change the high quality of our cool bricks – but it does improve our environmental footprint – and your company’s as well. And there is no need for re-qualification!

    As of January 2021, we will start successively manufacturing eutecma cool bricks with PA/PE composite film consisting of least 50% of sugar cane waste material. But how can customers tell if their eutecma product is “greener“ already? Very simple: All cool bricks of the new generation will bear the quality seal “I’m green“, developed by Braskem, the Brazilian manufacturer of the sugar cane based polyethylene. An additional QR code leads to detailed information. “We are very happy that we will be able to increase the proportion of our bio-based composite film from 0 to 50 %,” says Sven Rölle, Key Account Manager at eutecma. And so, the first leg in a long journey into the world of sustainable business practices, which do not compromise quality, has been finished.

    View the movie „I’m green“

  • 19. March 2020

    A new addition to the PROTECT Box family: Half-sized Pallet Shipper from eutecma

    In May 2020, the PROTECT system packaging family will again welcome a new addition: The new half-sized Pallet shipper from eutecma will be launched. It, as the name suggests, has the format of half a Euro pallet. And like its “siblings” it is completely modular and can be adapted to volumes of 40, 80 or even 120 liters.

    Rarely has a “stopgap“ been called for so loudly by our customers – this new box closes the gap between the 22 liter box and the 172 liter PROTECT Pallet shipper from Eutecma. “It is the perfect packaging solution for all shipments for which a Pallet shipper is too big and expensive and the 22-liter box too small”, underscores Sven Rölle, Head of Sales at eutecma. Like so many other innovations, the Half-sized Pallet Shipper is the result of strong customer demand and was developed in a very short timeframe. Once again, this showcases one of eutecma’s greatest strengths: When faced with customer needs, we are at our best and deliver.

  • 19. March 2020

    eutecma – Production running at 100% capacity

    These days, coronavirus has us all in its grip. As an integral link of the pharmaceutical supply chain, eutecma taking its responsibility one hundred percent seriously. We have taken extensive measures to protect our employees, our customers and all those who are in contact with our company. We are dynamically adapting these measures to the situation as it unfolds – hour by hour.

    As of today, we are operating at our full 100% capacity in order to supply all those customers who want to fill up their inventories to a safety level or to be ready to meet the pent-up demand post-crisis. Should you plan on stocking up a buffer of eutecma cool brick or eutecma cool boxes of various sizes, please contact us now + 49 621-1282526-0 or