In the Spotlight: the PROTECT XL Pallet Shipper

In April 2019 we told you they were coming – and now they’re here: the new eutecma films featuring our innovative, modular packaging solution for the pharmaceutical industry. This time the starring role is played by the PROTECT XL Pallet Shipper. The supporting roles are played by the super dependable ICECATCH cool bricks: ICECATCH© Solid Insulated, ICECATCH© Solid Ambient and ICECATCH© Frozen.

Just like its little sister, the PROTECT Pallet Shipper, the PROTECT XL Pallet Shipper is flexible, quickly and easily assembled, reduces freight costs and is easily reusable and modular – meaning it is easily expandable to ship various volumes. But the one thing only the XL version has is its enormous cargo capacities: up to 1588 liters of sensitive pharmaceutical products can find a temperature stable home in it for up to 120 hours. And the best thing is: A fully loaded Euro pallet can be placed directly onto the base plate of the PROTECT XL Pallet Shipper. For easy loading, the exact position is indicated to the forklift driver by a corresponding indentation in the floor of the base plate.
Discover the many advantages of this innovative system in our new 5-minute film. Your goods no longer have to be unpacked, they can be placed directly into this high-tech box. And assembly can be done by one person in less than six minutes! Depending on your needs, you can fit the appropriate cool bricks for all of the relevant temperature zones:

> Ambient (+15 °C to +25 °C)
> Cool (+2 °C to +8 °C)
> Frozen (<-20 °C)

And if you also ship air cargo, you’ll find a lot of savings to like in the new film about the PROTECT XL Pallet Shipper. Have a look. It’s well worth it!

Here you can see the film: