ICECATCH Solid Ambient

Our cooling pack - the perfect self-control

ICECATCH® Solid Ambient is excellently suited for the transport of temperature-sensitive products in the temperature range of +15°C to +25°C. Thanks to the flexible carrier substrate, this combination cool / warm element is reusable for numerous transport cycles without any loss of quality. One of the unique things about ICEATCH® Solid Ambient is the fact that its ingredients are 100% plant-based. ICECATCH® Solid Ambient does not contain any mineral oil derivatives or paraffin. What’s more, it is non-toxic and can be disposed of in normal household waste. All the materials fulfill the highest standards of robustness and are completely free of hazardous substances. All the ICECATCH® products are approved for use in the pharmaceutical, laboratory, and food industry.

The PA/PE composite fi lm that encloses our cooling elements consists of at least 50% “green“ polyethylene. In contrast to conventional plastic made from oil or natural gas, this “green” plastic is made from sugar cane waste materials, offering a novel and sustainable alternative to standard polyethylene.

Technical Data

  • Melting Range +19°C to +21°C
  • Phase Transition +20 °C
  • Latent Heat: 212 kJ/kg
  • Spreading of thermal absorption around the +20°C range
  • Compatible with PROTECT System Packaging:

Key Advantages

  • Outstanding temperature regulation characteristics between +15°C to +25°C
  • 100% plant-based ingredients
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Water Hazard Class WGK 1 (self-classification)
  • Free of paraffin and mineral oil
  • Flexible foam core well suited for multiple usages
  • Maximum form stability during freezing and thawing
  • Robust PA/PE films, approved for food use
  • Films conform to FDA and EU regulations
  • Maximum product safety due to our many years of experience
    in material selection and production technology
  • Fast preconditioning through the use of specially designed shipping boxes
  • Increased leakage protection – contents are immobilized in the carrier substrate
  • PA/PE composite fi lm is based on at least 50% of the renewable raw material of sugar cane./li>

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