Goodbye LogiPharma 2019: Thanks for your pit stops!

Two fast-paced days in Montreux went by in a flash and eutecma’s premiere at LogiPharma 2019 was a great success. We’d like to thank the dozens of enthusiastic cool box builders that took part in our Speed Challenge! Our pitstop crew with Sven Rölle and Bruno Buracchio was easy to spot in their red shoes – and they were busy in non-stop action.

In the race to win the tickets for German Formula 1 Grand Prix, the competition was intense, many participants came back several times to have another shot at the best time. The happy winner can now look forward to an exciting race at the Hockenheim Ring this summer. Congratulations – and thank you for all the positive feedback we received from so many visitors.

The great thing about having so many enthusiast participants playing with the 3-D minature versions of the PROTECT Boxes and ICECATCH®– cool bricks, was that we were able to take the time to answer their questions and explain the many advantages of our cooling system:

> Modular design of every eutecma box: depending on how much product needs to be shipped, the boxes can be easily expanded to various volumes.

> Modularity of the entire eutecma product range: From mini box to extra earge, only one (!) cool brick format is needed.

> Flexible and dependable for every temperature zone: thanks to the cool bricks that fit everywhere, you can easily meet every temperature profile from Ambient- (+15 °C to +25 °C) to Cool- (+2 °C to +8 °C) and Frozen.

> Optimal weight: And because the boxes are put together modularly, you only ship the volume that is really needed. That saves cargo space and money.

> Speed: eutecma boxes can be easily assembled by one person in record time.

> Reusable, GDP-certified, CO2-optimized and safe for up to 120 hours on the road or in a plane – the cooling systems from eutecma.

And now if you’d like another opportunity to see our pit stop crew of Sven Rölle and Bruno Buracchio in action, and to experience the advantages of our eutecma cooling systems for yourself, then please call us : +49 621-1282526-0 or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!