eutecma gmbh - Cold chain logistics is our forte

Since 2008 eutecma gmbh has dedicated itself to the development, production and sales of passive cooling system for transport and logistics.

A spin-off from ideapro gmbh, a company specializing in chemo-technical innovations, the people who are eutecma look back on many years of shared experience in the development and production of highly specialized products.

That is what makes us the champion of the many and varied challenges in cold chain logistics, a champion who is not content with standard solutions. Our wide knowledge base for efficient and problem-oriented solutions has brought us acclaim for our work and boosted our growth internationally.

Are the products on market the be-all and end-all of what is available? Are all the buyer demands being adequately met? Is it not possible to make more intelligent, more efficient and more technologically sophisticated what seems, at first glance, to be good? This urges us to consider and evaluate existing options and to come up with completely new and improved alternatives.

Alternatives, such as ICECATCH® cooling system, which make the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products in pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory diagnostics, as well as the food industry, simpler, more reliable and more cost-effective. And because we are used to thinking in systems we are mindful of the surrounding logistics whenever we develop something new.

We look forward to inspiring you with our ideas, quality and service.