Employee Portrait: Silvia Kalmes, Customer Service Representative

“Making the impossible possible is my thing!”

Silvia Kalmes never avoids an interesting challenge. On the contrary, she enjoys mastering new situations, tricky tasks and special rush jobs.
“I prefer to work at full steam, when the phones are ringing of the hook, emails flooding my inbox and I’m juggling several jobs at once. I have to say, making the impossible possible is really something I enjoy doing.” says Kalmes with a laugh, who did her job training as an office administrator. Its like a race against the clock, exciting and never boring.
She has been with eutecma since 2016 and even the way she found her way to us says a lot about the temperamental personality from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. At the age of 49, she decided it was a time for a change and switched jobs, leaving her former position after 14 years on the job. Pretty brave at that age, a lot of people might say, “I always find a way.” is the way she says it. The passionate motorcycle rider has fought her way through plenty of difficult situations in her life.

Steady nerves and a cool head

We are very happy that Silvia Kalmes found her way to us – she strengthens our eutecma-team every day with her energy, her organizational talent and her unshakable good mood. She’s the one who registers the orders, fills out bills of delivery, calculates transports, stays in contact with customers and still manages to keep a cool head in the stressful end of year business. Kalmes is especially talented at researching prices and negotiating with suppliers. She goes the extra mile, haggles for the best price and is happy when she can save the company money.

How does she like working at eutecma? “I feel very great here, very well accepted. The bosses are behind me 100 percent. I get praised for my work and the team really sticks together. What could be better?”