ICECATCH Solid Insulated Cool

Perfect self-control for your cool chain

ICECATCH® Solid Insulated is a self-insulating cooling element with an integrated insulation layer. Its functionality is simple yet ingenious. The unique insulation layer prohibits radiative cooling from the frozen cool brick with a temperature of -18°C from reaching your product. It only emits the desired cooling temperature of approx. +/- 0°C into the product space, thus ensuring that the temperature in the system’s payload compartment stays above the critical value of +2°C. This gives you the possibility of a secure cold chain from +2°C to +8°C for up to 120 hours.

Technical Data

  • Melting range +/- 0°C
  • Phase transition 0°C
  • Thermal capacity: liquid 4,2 kJ/kg K, fest 2,08 kJ/kg K
  • Latent heat: 330 kJ/kg
  • Spreading of heat absorption around 0°C
  • Compatible with the PROTECT system packaging:

Key Advantages

  • Qualified system solution for transporting at +2°C to +8°C
  • No different preconditioning of cooling elements
  • Easy handling, no additional insulating material
  • Minimized procurement and storage costs, only one cool brick format needed
  • Reduced transport cost through weight reduction
  • Batch documentation and traceability of the cooling elements
  • FDA and EU-compliant film, non-toxic ingredients
  • Robust PA/PE-composite film is approved for food and pharmaceutical use
  • Immediate global availability
  • No tooling costs
  • Increased leak protection through substratebound coolant in EPS or Neopor
  • foil consists of at least 50% of sugar cane waste


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