Flexibility and Quality with coolpack

ICECATCH® gelpacks are ideal for the safe transport of your temperature-sensitive products. The water-based coolant that the gelpacks contain can be reused for many cooling cycles without any loss of quality, is made of only non-toxic ingredients and can be disposed of in the normal household waste. All the materials used fulfill the highest demands on durability and are free of harmful substances. ICECATCH® gelpacks are approved for laboratory, pharmaceutical and food use.

The PA/PE composite fi lm that encloses our cooling elements consists of at least 50% “green“ polyethylene. In contrast to conventional plastic made from oil or natural gas, this “green” plastic is made from sugar cane waste materials, offering a novel and sustainable alternative to standard polyethylene.

Technical data

  • Melting range +/- 0 ° C
  • Phase transition 0 ° C
  • Thermal capacity: liquid 4.2 kJ / kg K, solid 2.08 kJ / kg K
  • Latent heat: 330 kJ / kg
  • Spreading of heat absorption around 0 ° C

Key Advantages

  • Reliable temperature control through the use of immobilized coolant
  • Robust PA / PE film – Approved for food
  • Conforms to FDA and EU regulations, non-toxic substances
  • Water-based cool packs
  • Maximum impermeability thanks to our many years of experience in production technology and material selection.
  • Easy adaptation to individual size and weight requirements
  • Rapid freezing through the use of cold permeable shipping cartons
  • Ideal advertising medium – gelpacks have a large surface area for your logo
  • PA/PE composite fi lm is based on at least 50% of the renewable raw material of sugar cane.

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