Here you will find current news from ICECATCH® and updates on packaging and cold chain logistics.

  • 14. Dec 2021

    Modularity explained in simple terms: the PROTECT System Packaging from eutecma

    Modularity – an abstract word. Yet the concept describes something very simple: Each module in a system matches all the other modules. So when a module is changed, the entire system doesn’t need to be redesigned. Instead, the system adapts itself accordingly – speedily and effortlessly.

    The users of our PROTECT Packaging System – the only one of its kind on the market – get the benefit of these advantages every day. We invite all other users to view our latest video film “PROTECT System Packaging”. This video vividly demonstrates how eutecma’s modular packaging range works: Each packaging box is suitable for every temperature range and every payload between 4 and 1,588 liters.

    Here are some examples: If the temperature corridor is changed from Cool (+2°C to +8°C) to Frozen (-15 °C to -25 °), then the only change is that the ICECATCH® Solid Insulated cooling elements are replaced by ICECATCH® Solid Frozen. If the payload is decreased from 480 to 160 liters, all you have to do is remove two stacking frames from the PROTECT Euro Pallet Shipper. Or take the other way around: If the payload is changed from 95 to 141 liters, a further stacking frame is simply added to the PROTECT Euro Pallet Shipper.

    Therefore: In eutecma’s modular PROTECT System Packaging every cooling element fits into every box – and this applies to every temperature range. This not only tremendously facilitates your daily supply chain processes but also minimizes the CO2 footprint of your transported pharmaceutical products. That’s because with the modular PROTECT System no cooling box travels around the world only half-full. The modularity allows most efficient transportation of your payload at the destination temperature – no more and no less. With total precision. And a CO2 footprint that is optimized.

  • 29. Oct 2021

    Every kilogram, every liter of air freight space saved counts

    In a recent interview with the German opinion-leading daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, Dorothea von Boxberg, Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa Cargo, discussed the current situation in the air freight sector. Here are some of the key points she raised in the interview: There’s still a shortage of cargo holds on long-haul flights; there is extremely high demand; and the average prices are some three times higher than usual. The way we see it, this means that air cargo space as a resource is inevitably more valuable than ever.

    Since the situation involves a variety of challenges, one aspect is all the more important for companies sending temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products via airfreight: The pack-out of the cool boxes due to enter the aircraft, should be as efficient as possible. The more the available space can be adapted to suit the volume of goods, the better. Or conversely: Every box which ends up in the cargo hold only half full is wasting valuable space and costs much more than is necessary.

    This is precisely what can be achieved with eutecma’s PROTECT modular packaging system. Only goods that are actually required are placed in the space available. This means that optimal use is made of the capacity available in the aircraft, which is highly valuable at the present time. It’s time to start saving kilograms and liters in your air freight operations!



  • 1. Oct 2021

    eutecma supports delivery of Covid-19 medication to Uzbekistan

    Recently, 10,000 doses of a medication for the treatment of Covid-19 patients left the Frankfurt airport bound for Tashkent. During transit, the cargo was safely stored in 9 Protect XL-Pallet shippers. The largest size of our pharmaceutical cooling packages within the PROTECT family made sure that the pharmaceuticals traveled inside the correct temperature corridor of +2 °C to +8 °C during the flight to their destination. We are very proud of having been part of a project aimed at fighting the Covid pandemic in Uzbekistan and want to thank all our partners: Fa. OPASCA GmbH, The German Department of Health, the German Army, the German embassy, the Uzbekistan embassy, Uzbekistan Airways, Logistics4Pharma (L4P), the Robert Koch Institute and Charité Hospital.

  • 13. Sep 2021

    eutecma stays on track: Stable prices for our customers

    While prices for raw materials have been rising significantly – some even refer to polystyrene as the “new gold” – eutecma has been staying on track: Our prices for pharmaceutical cold chain packaging and cooling elements remain stable! A number of smart decisions at our end made it possible for current customers as well as future customers to benefit from this happy fact.

    First, we enjoy long-term contracts with reliable partners that cushion the effects of price increases. Second, we have managed to streamline production processes thanks to technical innovations. Third, we started building up very comfortable safety stocks at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This early stockpiling now lets us compensate for fluctuations. The result? Both easy and beautiful: stable prices, happy customers.

  • 10. Sep 2021

    eutecma in the trade magazine MBI Einkäufer im Markt

    “MBI Einkäufer im Markt” (translated “MBI Buyers in the Market”) is a well-respected trade publication reporting comprehensive coverage of all topics related to facilitating sourcing processes. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered logistical efforts of unprecedented scope and made information on temperature-controlled pharma packaging crucical for many sourcing professionals. This is why we are thrilled for our PROTECT modular packaging system to have been featured in the July issue of “MBI Einkäufer im Markt.”

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  • 23. Feb 2021

    Triple bonus for airfreight transports: PROTECT Vaccine Insulated Boxes

    When planning vaccine shipments by air, the modular PROTECT Insulated Box System from eutecma lands a perfect trifecta:

    Number one: The modular design of the box allows for a precise pack-out. Here, only the volume needed is packed in the Vaccine Insulated Box. There is no such thing as a half-empty box anymore!

    Number two: the PROTECT Vaccine Insulated Box is made of EPS/Styropor. This material is robust and extremely light. Which is a great benefit considering today’s high demand for airfreight. Because now, every kilo or liter you save counts.

    Number three: There is a special bonus that comes with Deep-Frozen-Transports (-70 °C), where we combine classic dry-ice with ICECATCH©-Frozen cool bricks. This cuts down on the amount of dry ice needed by up to 30 percent (!). That is a big plus, since the amount of dry ice you can transport on a plane is limited due to safety issues.

  • 19. Feb 2021

    The end of wasted space: modular insulated boxes optimize airfreight payload

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many planes are being grounded. There is a global shortage of airfreight capacity. Increased airfreight rates also impact “everyday business”, i.e. the temperature-driven transport of pharmaceuticals by air. And shipping Covid-19 vaccines chokes this bottleneck even more.

    Not an easy situation for you as a manufacturer and supplier. Let us help you organize the pack-out, the filling of the boxes, as efficiently as possible. The modular PROTECT Vaccine Insulated Boxes from eutecma can make this a reality. The result: No box will fly around the world half-empty anymore; no more waste of valuable freight space. Plus: You can cut down on costs significantly.

  • 12. Jan 2021

    PROTECT system packaging made of Styropor® Ccycled™

    We are taking another important step on the road to more sustainability: The proportion of Styropor® from chemical recycling in our PROTECT- system packaging portfolio is going to increase significantly in the first quarter of 2021. To make this happen, we are collaborating with BASF, whose Verbund site is virtually only a stone’s throw away from the eutecma headquarters in the Mannheim harbor.

    The magic word is ”Styropor® Ccycled™” and is a secondary feedstock made of pyrolysis oil, which is made from plastic waste in the chemical recycling process, converted for the chemical industry and allocated via a certified mass balance approach within the BASF Verbund system.

    PROTECT- system packaging Ambient / Cool / Frozen with Styropor® Ccycled™ go into series production
    We are going to start this project with a selection of PROTECT system packaging solutions that use Styropor® Ccycled™as feedstock. Our customers can still choose between pharmaceutical packaging made of conventional Styropor® or Styropor® from chemical recycling.

    Even though both materials possess the same properties and are of identically high quality, Styropor® Ccycled™has a better CO2 footprint. And so, the most important message to pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers is: The quality remains the same, a re-qualification of PROTECT system packaging with Styropor® Ccycled™is NOT NECESSARY.

    So for pharmaceuticals customers who place a premium on sustainability in their supply chain and who want to communicate that point in their communication with stakeholders, the following still holds true: eutecma is the optimal partner by your side.

  • 12. Jan 2021

    eutecma in the trade journal IPI International Pharmaceutical Industry

    The packaging industry has been given a unique historic opportunity to be put on the map for all the world to see – as a larger segment of the public takes an interest in our products as part of the Vaccine-Supply-Chain. What contribution eutecma could make to this major logistical feat was one of the questions asked by the trade journal IPI International Pharmaceutical Industry. For a digital version of the interview, click on this link:.

  • 17. Nov 2020

    PROTECT ½ Euro Pallet Shipper available now

    4 liters, 7.8 liters, 8.7 liters, 11 liters, 15 liters, 16 liters, 22 liters … 172 liters, 333 liters, 495 liters, 1,600 liters – these have been the various volumes of the PROTECT-System packaging family to date. Until now there has been a glaringly big gap between 22 and 172 liters. But those days are over because the PROTECT ½ Euro Pallet Shipper is available as of now (link to shop).

    In its “purest“ form, it brings a volume of 49 liters into the logistics route and can be easily expanded to 95 or 141 liters using our stacking frame system. The PROTECT ½ Euro Pallet Shipper shares this modular feature with other boxes in the PROTECT family. It is one of the most important aspects of the product’s DNA – just like the compatibility of all PROTECT boxes with eutecma’s ICECATCH® cool bricks.

    And that means: Not only the ICECATCH® Solid Ambient (+15 °C to +25 °C), but also the ICECATCH® Solid Insulated (+2 °C to +8 °C) and the ICECATCH® Solid Frozen (<–20 °C) can be slipped quickly and easily into the stacking slots – and that can happen after the PROTECT ½ Euro Pallet Shipper has been filled with product. Protected like this, it offers a reliable and temporary home for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and health care products for up to 120 hours.

    This smart design not only corresponds with the modular box design and the compatibility of box and cool bricks. The extremely sturdy shape of the box base makes it simply perfect: The L-shaped frame elements are built to stand solidly on their own. And that saves time and money because a single warehouse worker can put together the PROTECT ½ Euro Pallet Shipper – in less than 30 seconds!

  • 16. Nov 2020

    eutecma cool bricks are getting “greener“

    Oil is out, sugar cane waste is in

    Starting in January 2021 eutecma’s cool bricks are getting ”greener“ – more environmentally friendly that is – piece by piece. Starting then, the PA/PE composite film that encloses the cool bricks will be made of 50% “green polyethylene“. In contrast to conventional plastics made from oil or natural gas, this “green“ plastic is derived from renewable sources.

    This is positive news for all companies that put a premium value on sustainability in their supply chains and want to communicate this fact in a dialog with their stakeholders.

    Sugar cane waste material replaces oil

    But that alone is not the only benefit bio-plastics have to offer. Since growing sugar cane binds the natural carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it also helps cut down on greenhouse gases. Plus: The basic ingredient does not use pure sugar cane, which is a valuable food source, but only waste that is left over from production. And so it becomes obvious: “Green polyethylene“ does not displace food, but uses waste material in a smart way, which otherwise would have been disposed of as worthless. By the way, at the end of the product cycle this bio-based plastic can also be recycled.

    No re-qualification necessary!

    Since the beginning of 2020, we at eutecma have been looking closely at bio-based plastics and subjected them to a rigorous analysis. And now we know: “Green polyethylene“ can be used in the production of our cool bricks in the same way as the commonly used polyethylene. Stability, robustness, tensile strength and stress resistance are not compromised in any way. This new renewable resource does not change the high quality of our cool bricks – but it does improve our environmental footprint – and your company’s as well. And there is no need for re-qualification!

    As of January 2021, we will start successively manufacturing eutecma cool bricks with PA/PE composite film consisting of least 50% of sugar cane waste material. But how can customers tell if their eutecma product is “greener“ already? Very simple: All cool bricks of the new generation will bear the quality seal “I’m green“, developed by Braskem, the Brazilian manufacturer of the sugar cane based polyethylene. An additional QR code leads to detailed information. “We are very happy that we will be able to increase the proportion of our bio-based composite film from 0 to 50 %,” says Sven Rölle, Key Account Manager at eutecma. And so, the first leg in a long journey into the world of sustainable business practices, which do not compromise quality, has been finished.

    View the movie „I’m green“

  • 19. Mar 2020

    A new addition to the PROTECT Box family: Half-sized Pallet Shipper from eutecma

    In May 2020, the PROTECT system packaging family will again welcome a new addition: The new half-sized Pallet shipper from eutecma will be launched. It, as the name suggests, has the format of half a Euro pallet. And like its “siblings” it is completely modular and can be adapted to volumes of 40, 80 or even 120 liters.

    Rarely has a “stopgap“ been called for so loudly by our customers – this new box closes the gap between the 22 liter box and the 172 liter PROTECT Pallet shipper from Eutecma. “It is the perfect packaging solution for all shipments for which a Pallet shipper is too big and expensive and the 22-liter box too small”, underscores Sven Rölle, Head of Sales at eutecma. Like so many other innovations, the Half-sized Pallet Shipper is the result of strong customer demand and was developed in a very short timeframe. Once again, this showcases one of eutecma’s greatest strengths: When faced with customer needs, we are at our best and deliver.

  • 19. Mar 2020

    eutecma – Production running at 100% capacity

    These days, coronavirus has us all in its grip. As an integral link of the pharmaceutical supply chain, eutecma taking its responsibility one hundred percent seriously. We have taken extensive measures to protect our employees, our customers and all those who are in contact with our company. We are dynamically adapting these measures to the situation as it unfolds – hour by hour.

    As of today, we are operating at our full 100% capacity in order to supply all those customers who want to fill up their inventories to a safety level or to be ready to meet the pent-up demand post-crisis. Should you plan on stocking up a buffer of eutecma cool brick or eutecma cool boxes of various sizes, please contact us now + 49 621-1282526-0 or

  • 19. Mar 2020

    The new eutecma app

    Imagine this: Every eutecma box and every eutecma cool brick that has been shipped can be used again and again and again! That would create a pharmaceutical packaging solution with a life cycle prolonged many times over. It’s not hard to picture the impact this would have on the environment and value creation in temperature-assured shipping. Is this science fiction? Not at all! For some time now we have been working on a eutecma app that achieves exactly that. And what else can it do? It simplifies the packaging process in a way that will soon have people saying: Brilliant invention! And then they’ll ask: Who invented it? Well, eutecma, of course!

  • 16. Jan 2020

    Eutecmas Interview in the IPI (International Pharmaceuticals Industry)

    Our interview re how to make passive Pharma packaging more flexible, cost-effective and eco-friendly, has been published in the latest edition of IPI journal (International Pharmaceuticals Industry).

    See the digital version of the interview:

  • 10. Dec 2019

    In the Spotlight: the PROTECT XL Pallet Shipper

    In April 2019 we told you they were coming – and now they’re here: the new eutecma films featuring our innovative, modular packaging solution for the pharmaceutical industry. This time the starring role is played by the PROTECT XL Pallet Shipper. The supporting roles are played by the super dependable ICECATCH cool bricks: ICECATCH© Solid Insulated, ICECATCH© Solid Ambient and ICECATCH© Frozen.

    Just like its little sister, the PROTECT Pallet Shipper, the PROTECT XL Pallet Shipper is flexible, quickly and easily assembled, reduces freight costs and is easily reusable and modular – meaning it is easily expandable to ship various volumes. But the one thing only the XL version has is its enormous cargo capacities: up to 1588 liters of sensitive pharmaceutical products can find a temperature stable home in it for up to 120 hours. And the best thing is: A fully loaded Euro pallet can be placed directly onto the base plate of the PROTECT XL Pallet Shipper. For easy loading, the exact position is indicated to the forklift driver by a corresponding indentation in the floor of the base plate.
    Discover the many advantages of this innovative system in our new 5-minute film. Your goods no longer have to be unpacked, they can be placed directly into this high-tech box. And assembly can be done by one person in less than six minutes! Depending on your needs, you can fit the appropriate cool bricks for all of the relevant temperature zones:

    > Ambient (+15 °C to +25 °C)
    > Cool (+2 °C to +8 °C)
    > Frozen (<-20 °C)

    And if you also ship air cargo, you’ll find a lot of savings to like in the new film about the PROTECT XL Pallet Shipper. Have a look. It’s well worth it!

    Here you can see the film:

  • 10. Dec 2019

    We’re donating for a rainy day

    You might not have expected a cooling solutions specialist to be worried about rainy days, right? But with Christmas just around the corner we thought we’d put the old saying “save something for a rainy day” to a new use and donate 3000 Euro to charities that care for people in unexpected need.

    It’s a Christmas present in honor of our loyal customers.
    Our eutecma employees have selected seven charities, which will all be receiving a Christmas donation from us this December. And the range of charities is as colorful and varied as our eutecma family.

    Homeless in Mannheim, selected by Silvia Kalmes:
    Homeless people are not second-class citizens. When the temperatures drop in winter and the homeless have to deal with freezing temperatures, our donation helps those out on the streets.

    SOS Children’s Village Pfalz, selected by Nicole Schäfer:
    The SOS Children’s Village has been taking good care of children and young people in difficult life circumstances for over 60 years now. Our donation helps the dedicated employees help others.

    Youth Farm Ludwigshafen/Pfingstweide, selected by Silke Ehlers:
    The Youth Farm Pfingstweide is place for children and young people who live in local high-rise housing blocks to experience nature, take care of animals, do creative projects or just simply cook together or build a hut from scratch.

    Pharmacists without Borders Deutschland e.V., selected by Bruno Buracchio:
    Without the proper medication, sick people can quickly get caught in a downward health spiral or can even die. Pharmacists without Borders e.V. have made it their calling to help: Worldwide, transparently and efficiently. As a trained pharmacist, this kind of help is a matter of the heart to me.

    Wormser Children’s Table, selected by Sven Rölle:
    A warm lunch in a nice environment with friendly people is like a welcome oasis every day. The Wormser Children’s Table has been making that possible for kids in need since 2010. It is a place of social learning that I am happy to support.

    Freezone Mannheim, selected by Markus Baumgärtner:
    Teenagers and young adults often have a difficult time mastering life’s big and small challenges. Freezone Mannheim helps them weather these difficult phases in life. I think that is very important there are often difficult detours in life’s journey.

    Tony Rinaudo – The Forest Maker, selected by Florian Zeilfelder:
    Tony Rinaudo has developed Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (or FMNR), a low-cost land restoration technique that is linked to the regrowth of 200 million trees on degraded farmland in Niger alone. He was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize in 2018. I want to support his work with our donation.

  • 23. Sep 2019

    eutecma invests in two new production facilities

    Eutecma solution’s fan base is growing by the hour. We gladly confess: We are very proud! Since the demand for our ICECATCH© cool/warm elements has skyrocketed over the last few months and we are running almost at full capacity, we are going to invest in two new production facilities. We are grateful for the confidence our customers have in us.

    Image from Axel Heiter

    Two new production facilities for ICECATCH© cool/warm elements find their home at eutecma in Mannheim’s harbor. 

  • 23. Sep 2019

    Portrait of Nicole Schäfer, Head of In-house Service

    “People ask you, listen to your and praise you – it doesn’t get better than that! “

     Nicole Schäfer, Head of In-house Service at eutecma

    We all have something that keeps us going and pushes us forward in life. With Nicole Schäfer, Head of In-house Service at eutecma, it is the challenge to build something up from scratch. Be it a distribution region for chemical lab supplies at a former employer, a log cabin by a lake or the In-house Service at eutecma. In 2008 Nicole Schäfer was one of the first employees to join us and today we are happy to have her on board.

    To go down new paths has always hold a great appeal for the 44-year old. And that has not been limited to her passion for travelling that led her to all the four corners of the world. After finishing her training as a chemist at BASF and a career in the laboratory business as a key account manager, the Palatinate native felt the urge to venture a leap of faith into the manufacturing industry. And it was a perfect fit at a time when eutecma was an only recently established company with great ambitions.

    Enjoy growth

    ”I get a great kick out of investing my energy and ideas into building up a project, a process or a company. If the company then grows, you win over customers and the market praises your product, it’s the most satisfying feeling ever”, says Schäfer. And, indeed, eutecma has grown by leaps and bounds. What in the old days used to be sold in one year, today rolls off the “assembly line” within a month.”

    As Head of In-house Service Nicole Schäfer is responsible for a smooth operation internally and externally. Her area and that of her team is business and operative tasks. She, for example, coordinates orders with production planning and ensures that the raw materials and packaging needed are available. She aligns processes with the departments and keeps in touch with our customers. Even after now eleven years Nicole Schäfer still loves her work. “Working together at eutecma is simply the best. People ask you, listen to your and praise you. The products are exciting, there are a lot of innovations. It doesn’t get better than that!“

    Image from Axel Heiter

    Nicole Schäfer, Head of In-house Service at eutecma, expert for cold packaging and temperature-sensitive logistics.

  • 23. Sep 2019

    Reusable packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry – Three pieces of good news.

    Are you looking for ways to save money, avoid waste and shrink your CO2 footprint? – well, who isn’t? No problem for eutecma’s PROTECT system packaging and ICECATCH© cool/warm elements because they can be easily reused multiple times. Our reusable system packaging is made of EPS and graphitized EPS – very aging-resistant materials. And the composite films used in our ICECATCH© elements are also very robust.
    Since some of our customers are already reusing eutecma packaging for their inner-company transport needs and are satisfied with the results, we decided to intensify our focus on the subject of reusable packaging solutions in temperature-sensitive logistics.

    The key question is: How can you tell if PROTECT system packaging and the ICECATCH© cool/warm elements can be reused? You can find precise answers in our new short video “Reusability Guidelines“ .

    The first piece of good news: Provided a number of quality criteria are being met, you can reuse eutecma packaging units without any problems – and not only once or twice but multiple times. But what are the quality criteria?

    > The sensitive points of our PROTECT packaging are edges, corners, surfaces and insert slots. As long as you can’t find any obvious breaks or cracks, you can reuse the boxes with no worries.
    > Dents are no problems either – provided the spots do not exceed 10 percent of the entire surface area.
    > This also hold true for scuffs or soiling on the outside of boxes. This does not compromise their reusability.
    > Provided the ICECATCH© elements are not leaking, don’t weigh less than their target weights of 1,000 grams (ICECATCH© Solid Insulated) and 780 grams (ICECATCH© Solid Ambient) – and only less than 10 percent of the inside carrier substrate is defect, they are perfectly suited for reuse.

    The second piece of good news: Even if one disqualifying criterion should occur in one of the products, you don’t have to replace the entire system but only the relevant element.

    Let’s use a simple example and do the math: The result is a significant potential for savings. Let’s say a PROTECT XL Pallet box made of four frames is filled with ICECATCH© Solid Insulated cool bricks is shipped from an international pharmaceutical company in Germany to its subsidiary overseas. Upon arrival, the packaging unit is inspected and a frame element is deemed defective and exchanged for a new one. But all other parts are still good. The customer doesn’t need to throw away the entire box, nor buy a completely new one at 100 percent of the cost. They only dispose of the frame element and buy a new one for approx. 3 percent of the total cost.

    And there’s a third bit of good news: The life cycle of our products doesn’t end with its exit from our customers’ supply chain. Because our customers’ customers can reuse our eutecma system packaging and ICECATCH© cool/ warm elements without any worries as long as the criteria listed above are met. This will boost the positive effect of reusable packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, lab diagnostics and biotechnology industries many times over – to the benefit of our environment and value creation.

    How long can you reuse the eutecma system packaging and ICECATCH© elements? This new video will give you the precise answers. 

  • 2. May 2019

    Goodbye LogiPharma 2019: Thanks for your pit stops!

    Two fast-paced days in Montreux went by in a flash and eutecma’s premiere at LogiPharma 2019 was a great success. We’d like to thank the dozens of enthusiastic cool box builders that took part in our Speed Challenge! Our pitstop crew with Sven Rölle and Bruno Buracchio was easy to spot in their red shoes – and they were busy in non-stop action.

    In the race to win the tickets for German Formula 1 Grand Prix, the competition was intense, many participants came back several times to have another shot at the best time. The happy winner can now look forward to an exciting race at the Hockenheim Ring this summer. Congratulations – and thank you for all the positive feedback we received from so many visitors.

    The great thing about having so many enthusiast participants playing with the 3-D minature versions of the PROTECT Boxes and ICECATCH®– cool bricks, was that we were able to take the time to answer their questions and explain the many advantages of our cooling system:

    > Modular design of every eutecma box: depending on how much product needs to be shipped, the boxes can be easily expanded to various volumes.

    > Modularity of the entire eutecma product range: From mini box to extra earge, only one (!) cool brick format is needed.

    > Flexible and dependable for every temperature zone: thanks to the cool bricks that fit everywhere, you can easily meet every temperature profile from Ambient- (+15 °C to +25 °C) to Cool- (+2 °C to +8 °C) and Frozen.

    > Optimal weight: And because the boxes are put together modularly, you only ship the volume that is really needed. That saves cargo space and money.

    > Speed: eutecma boxes can be easily assembled by one person in record time.

    > Reusable, GDP-certified, CO2-optimized and safe for up to 120 hours on the road or in a plane – the cooling systems from eutecma.

    And now if you’d like another opportunity to see our pit stop crew of Sven Rölle and Bruno Buracchio in action, and to experience the advantages of our eutecma cooling systems for yourself, then please call us : +49 621-1282526-0 or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • 8. Apr 2019

    LogiPharma 2019: And ACTION!

    We have been working for quite a while now on the best way to create moving images of the obvious advantages of our PROTECT cool boxes and ICECATCH® cool/warm elements. Now we are proud to announce: the first of several eutecma films had its premiere at the LogiPharma 2019. (And you can see it here.)

    The star of the show is: the PROTECT Euro Pallet Shipper by eutecma.
    The 3-D video shows absolutely clearly just how quickly our high-tech box can be assembled (under 30 seconds) and filled with ICECATCH® cool bricks for Ambient(+15 °C to +25 °C) or Cool transports (+2 °C to +8 °C). In just 2.5 minutes!

    One of the highlights of the film shows the modular design of the PROTECT Euro Pallet Shipper: depending on how much interior volume is needed, it can be expanded to three different heights.

    See for yourself!


  • 5. Apr 2019

    LogiPharma 2019: Your pit stop at eutecma!

    The European Who’s Who of the Pharma Supply Chain business will be getting together at the LogiPharma from April 9 to 11, 2019 in Montreux, Switzerland with around 1,000 expert visitors. And eutecma will be there with our own stand for the first time. Our packaging experts Sven Rölle and Bruno Buracchio will be there to welcome you at Stand 69 for a pit stop.

    Once there, visitors can discover how fast and simple our packaging solutions really are for all pharmaceutically-relevant product ranges: Ambient (+15 °C to +25 °C), Cool (+2 °C to +8 °C) and Frozen (<-20 °C).
    And in order to make sure visitors can have a bit of fun, we have created a special Speed Challenge. The task: to see who’s fastest. Find out who can assemble our PROTECT- Euro Pallet Shipper with the corresponding ICECATCH® cool bricks in the least time.

    But don’t worry, there’s no heavy lifting involved: the Speed-Challenge is done with 3-D miniature versions of our PROTECT boxes and ICECATCH®- cool bricks. And the fastest “assembler” wins 2 tickets to this year’s German Formula 1 Grand Prix!

    And even if you don’t end up in the winner’s circle, you’ll have some fun and get a look at: our fast, safe, low-carbon, cost-optimized and GDP-certified packaging solutions for your valuable pharmaceuticals – be it to the desert, the Artic or through several different temperature zones. 


  • 13. Dec 2018

    Employee Portrait: Silvia Kalmes, Customer Service Representative

    “Making the impossible possible is my thing!”

    Silvia Kalmes never avoids an interesting challenge. On the contrary, she enjoys mastering new situations, tricky tasks and special rush jobs.
    “I prefer to work at full steam, when the phones are ringing of the hook, emails flooding my inbox and I’m juggling several jobs at once. I have to say, making the impossible possible is really something I enjoy doing.” says Kalmes with a laugh, who did her job training as an office administrator. Its like a race against the clock, exciting and never boring.
    She has been with eutecma since 2016 and even the way she found her way to us says a lot about the temperamental personality from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. At the age of 49, she decided it was a time for a change and switched jobs, leaving her former position after 14 years on the job. Pretty brave at that age, a lot of people might say, “I always find a way.” is the way she says it. The passionate motorcycle rider has fought her way through plenty of difficult situations in her life.

    Steady nerves and a cool head

    We are very happy that Silvia Kalmes found her way to us – she strengthens our eutecma-team every day with her energy, her organizational talent and her unshakable good mood. She’s the one who registers the orders, fills out bills of delivery, calculates transports, stays in contact with customers and still manages to keep a cool head in the stressful end of year business. Kalmes is especially talented at researching prices and negotiating with suppliers. She goes the extra mile, haggles for the best price and is happy when she can save the company money.

    How does she like working at eutecma? “I feel very great here, very well accepted. The bosses are behind me 100 percent. I get praised for my work and the team really sticks together. What could be better?”

  • 12. Dec 2018

    Now available in XS: 4 Liter-Box from eutecma

    You know the Protect XL-Pallet Shipper from eutecma as the ideal solution for large volume pharmaceutical transports. Now we have proven that we can do XS just as well: the brand new Protect System Packaging 4 Liter is now available – a small volume transport packaging for Cool, Ambient and Frozen temperature ranges.

    The latest innovation from eutecma protects your valuable pharmaceutical and healthcare cargo for up to 120 hours. The secret is in the two components: slots in the wall and lid of the Protect System Packaging 4 Liter are special designed to quickly and easily fit Icecatch© cool/warm bricks – so they stay safely fixed in place.

    Perfect for small volume Ambient transports (+15 °C to +25 °C): Protect System Packaging 4 Liter combined with Icecatch© Solid Ambient cool/warm bricks

    The “magic formula” for Ambient, Cool and Frozen shipping

    With its precise thermoregulation capabilities, the dynamic duo of system packaging and cool/warm brick release their energy slowly over a period of time – keeping your temperature sensitive cargo safely in all three temperature ranges. Therefore, the magic formula for safe pharma and healthcare shipping with a volume of up to 4 liters is:

    Ambient shipping (+15 °C to +25 °C): Icecatch© Solid Ambient + Protect System Packaging 4 Liter
    Cool shipping (+2 °C to +8 °C): Icecatch© Solid Insulated + Protect System Packaging 4 Liter
    Frozen shipping (< -18 °C): dry ice + Protect System Packaging 4 Liter

    The new small volume packaging solution from eutecma is optimally suited for the temperature-sensitive shipping of diagnostic kits, vaccines or Botox – and of course any other temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare products whose effectiveness is dependent on a reliable temperature corridor. Protect System Packaging 4 Liter is available for shipping today: order using article number 19-06039.

    Perfect for small volume cool transports (+2 °C to +8 °C): Protect System Packaging 4 Liter combined with Icecatch© Solid Insulated cool bricks

  • 23. Oct 2018

    eutecma in the trade press

    “Pallet Transformed into GDP Packaging“ – that was the headline in the FRISCHELOGISTIK trade magazine in July 2018. The editors profiled our Protect XL-Pallet Shipper for temperature assured transport in a two-page article. We were very pleased with the reporting. You can read the entire article here.

    Download eutecma in the FRISCHELOGISTIK

    (With kind approval of the ERLING publishing house GmbH & Co. KG)

  • 18. Oct 2018

    A good thing just got better:

    the new Protect System Packaging 7.8 l

    If you are looking for a solution with a slightly smaller cool volume, then our new Protect System Packaging 7.8 l is an excellent choice. What’s new about it? On the one hand, we have implemented new convection channels in the base plate which now distribute the cold throughout the box more evenly. And specially designed slots in the walls hold the cool bricks in place even more securely.

    Qualified cool packaging for cool and ambient logistics
    Once they have been slipped into the slots, there is no room to move for the eutecma cool bricks: Icecatch© Solid Insulated (1100 g) or Icecatch© Solid Ambient (800 g). They stay in fixed in position. And when the cool bricks cannot move, radiant cooling is also reduced.

    Naturally, we have already intensively tested and qualified the new Protect System Packaging 7.8 l: It passed each and every stress test in the eutecma climate chamber with flying colors. You can order this product today using the article number 19-06014-A (

  • 15. Oct 2018

    Icecatch© Solid Ambient:

    new and unique –100 % plant-based ingredients

    Those who know us understand very well, that we are always good for an extraordinary product innovation. And here we go again: We are proud to present out Icecatch© Solid Ambient – the unique cool/warm element for ambient temperature shipping made of 100 % plant-based ingredients.

    We are proud of the fact that we have achieved something that no one else has: the development of cool/warm element for transports in the temperature range of +15°C to +25°C that does not contain any mineral oil derivatives or paraffin – making it harmless and environmentally friendly.

    The core of the innovation is the plant-based phase change material that we have developed here in house. As a result, this brand new cool brick achieves a Water Hazard Class WGK 1 (self-classification) and can be disposed of in the regular household waste. But that doesn’t have to be for a very long time. Thanks to the flexible carrier substrate, Icecatch© Solid Ambient is reusable for numerous transport cycles without any loss of quality.

    Perfect companion for ambient shipping
    No matter if your transport is going to the scorching desert or ice-cold mountain regions – the Icecatch© Solid Ambient holds the temperature dependably between +15 °C and +25 °C. It does so thanks to the phase transition that is optimally set to +20 °C.

    That makes it a combination cool/warm element, which buffers the energy flowing in from the outside environment and reloads itself in the temperature range. And when utilized as a system with Protect System Packaging from eutecma, your temperature sensitive freight is optimally protected for up to 120 hours – no matter where you’re shipping. The new Icecatch© Solid Ambient is ready for delivery today. Click here ( to order using article number 19-05002.

  • 8. Mar 2018

    Portrait: Bruno Buracchio, Key Account Manager

    “My sweetest success? When potential customers become regular customers!”

    Bruno Buracchio is not a man to hesitate. When a pancreatic stone forced him into a hospital stay in 2015, he took a hard look at his life. Was this still the life he, his wife and their four children once wanted? No, they all agreed, it’s time for something new!

    Only one year and 11 days later, they packed up and took their German roots back to Germany. They loaded a sea freight container with all the things of sentimental value from their old lives in Chile. Here in Mannheim, they all started from scratch. Buracchio signed up for a German course and started looking for a job.

    His neighbor, who works for eutecma, told him about our company. A little later, Bruno Buracchio started working in production. There he learned all about our product line, familiarized himself with our processes – and two months later, takes the initiative: He tells us he studied nine years at the University de Chile and worked there. Is a trained pharmacist, knows the market and has many ideas how to use our products.

    And we didn’t have to think twice: After only two days, Bruno Buracchio joined our Distribution Department as a Key Account Manager. He has been in charge of our international customers ever since. He is in touch with Thailand and Taiwan, manages customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, and sells eutecma cooling packaging to Canada, the USA and Jordan.

    Starting from the first contact via email or phone all the way to placing an order, qualification, freight planning and delivery, all the way to final billing, our customers are in the excellent and competent hands of Mr. Buracchio. He is brimming with enthusiasm for eutecma, since “the beauty of our products is that they are not only simple but highly effective.”
    His specialty, by the way, is cold calling potential customers. Everybody that ever tried this approach knows: It is a tough job to do, but the strong-willed 40-year old likes exactly that about it – doing the research and the follow-ups. The fact that sometimes up to four months might go by from first contact to placing an order, does not scare him off. His sweetest success? “When potential customers become regular customers!”

  • 6. Mar 2018

    More room, more space, more ideas: We are growing!

    In 2005, we – Florian Zeilfelder and Markus Baumgärtner – took a leap of faith and fulfilled our dream of founding our own company. We established ideapro gmbh and one year later took over the SCA Co-Packing GmbH location. Since then, our corporate home has been here in the Mannheim Harbor at Binnenhafen #7. And when we expanded in 2009, founding the eutecma gmbh as a specialist for passive cooling packaging, it dawned upon us: We are running out of space!

    Both companies have grown tremendously over the years. In 2016 it finally became obvious: We need more space! Almost 2 million Euros and 15 months later, the day finally arrived. In October 2017, we moved into our expansion building: 3,300 square meters (35,520 sq. ft.) that are now home to our finished product warehouses, production areas and break rooms.

    Now we have even more space for ideas, projects and new products!

  • 1. Mar 2018

    Protect XL-Pallet Shipper: large volume cool box with multiple advantages


    Euro pallets are essential to the logistics sector. In Europe, they are the cargo carriers of choice. So what could be more practical than to develop a large volume cool box, which:

    provides a temperature stabile home for an entire Euro pallet
    can be pre-loaded with product
    is delivered compactly broken down for easy internal shipping and storage
    can be quickly and easily assembled by one person
    can be easily made taller thanks to its modular stacking frame
    only needs to be filled with single type of cool brick format

    Not possible? Oh yes it is: we are proud to present you with the new eutecma Protect XL-Pallet Shipper!

    The new big sister of the Protect Pallet Shipper is designed to perfectly fit a Euro pallet. And together with dry ice for Frozen (<-20 C) as well as our Icecatch Solid Insulated cool bricks for Ambient (+15 C to +25 C) and Cool (+2 C to +8 C), they provide a temperature stabile home for up to 120 hours for an entire Euro pallet –without having to supply external energy.

    Handling: It doesn’t get any easier than this!

    Maintaining the specific cold chain is one of the outstanding features of all our Protect System Packaging. Extremely simple handling is another. Because the Protect XL-Pallet Shipper can be set up in a flash.

    This is how it works: The forklift operator places a fully loaded pallet right onto the base plate with the guidance of the specially designed recesses. In the next step, a warehouse worker can then build the box to the height needed by using the stacking frame elements and then slips the required number of Icecatch© cool bricks into the specially designed slots in the frame, puts the lid on and sends the Protect XL-Pallet on its way.

    Its modular design is extremely cost effective. Because you only cool the volume you need. And that sinks weight and cargo costs, which is especially important in airfreight traffic, where every kilogram counts.

    And we’re not the only ones that are excited about the clever design of the Protect XL-Pallet Shipper. Launched in the summer of 2017, the newest member of our Protect System Packaging family is now our absolute bestseller. If you would like more information or a sales offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • 19. Jan 2016

    PROTECT Pallet Shipper – for transport up to 120 hours.

    By means of a stacking frame, the Pallet box 172L is modularly extendable to 333L/495L. This allows the box to grow with the demands placed on it and is
    able to be quickly and easily assembled by one person. See for yourself in our new film.

    Key Advantages of the Pallet Shipper
    • qualified solution for transport up to 120 hours
    • modular extendability
    • suitable in ambient, cool and frozen temperature ranges
    • secure packaging for the transport of your temperature-sensitive products
    • easy assembly by one person
    • space-saving during transport and storage
    • multi-use solution
    • available in EPS or Neopor

    More information
    Upon request we can send you the qualification documents.
    Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • 29. Aug 2014

    Business today 12/2013: “Keeping a cool head”

    In the pharmaceutical, laboratory and food industries, even brief interruptions in the cold chain can break the most sophisticated logistics chain and irreversibly damage the goods being transported. Icecatch® cooling elements and system packaging from the Mannheim company eutecma gmbh (limited liability company) offer maximum assurance. Temperature-sensitive products, samples etc can be reliably transported up to 120 hours through a variety of temperature corridors.