A new addition to the PROTECT Box family: Half-sized Pallet Shipper from eutecma

In May 2020, the PROTECT system packaging family will again welcome a new addition: The new half-sized Pallet shipper from eutecma will be launched. It, as the name suggests, has the format of half a Euro pallet. And like its “siblings” it is completely modular and can be adapted to volumes of 40, 80 or even 120 liters.

Rarely has a “stopgap“ been called for so loudly by our customers – this new box closes the gap between the 22 liter box and the 172 liter PROTECT Pallet shipper from Eutecma. “It is the perfect packaging solution for all shipments for which a Pallet shipper is too big and expensive and the 22-liter box too small”, underscores Sven Rölle, Head of Sales at eutecma. Like so many other innovations, the Half-sized Pallet Shipper is the result of strong customer demand and was developed in a very short timeframe. Once again, this showcases one of eutecma’s greatest strengths: When faced with customer needs, we are at our best and deliver.